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Our Philosophy

Whether you have one office or several across the U.S., PPE Warrior is your partner for safe workplace equipment and supplies to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and viruses. We’ve been doing this long before COVID-19 and will continue to provide high-performing PPE and the latest in safety technology.

According to the CDC’s Guide to Returning to Business, there are six key components necessary to keep workplaces safe from infectious disease:

1 Disinfectants/Sanitizers/Wipes Trusted brands including Zing, BioWarrior, Ezana, Clorox, Purell, Zepp
2 Sprayers and Atomizers Electrostatic, ULV, cold fusion
3 AI Thermometers Temperature and facial recognition tools
4 Smart Dispensers and Stands Smart desktop hand dispensers and stands with temperature, logging, and tracking capabilities
5 Masks, Gloves, and Garments Durable PPE for daily personal protection
6 Office Signs, Separators, and Information Signage and postings for social distancing

Each Clean & Safe® Office System package includes the right mix of products to keep your workplace and your employees safe, complying with the recommendations set forth by the CDC and OSHA.

How Do I Set Up My Subscription?

As an exclusive ACA member benefit, you can now partner with a trusted PPE provider, equip your workplace with cutting-edge and reliable PPE, save money on the best PPE packages delivered to your doorstep year-round, and focus on getting back to business. Protection is one click away with Clean & Safe® Office System, powered by PPE Warrior.

Step 1:
Choose your ACA Starter Kit.

Step 2:
Set up your monthly subscription.

Step 3:
PPE & refills are sent to your offices every 30 days.